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Dr Mary McAuliffe

Dr Mary McAuliffe

Lecturer in Women’s/Gender History at  UCD Women’s Studies

Mary McAuliffe

Dr Mary McAuliffe was awarded her Ph.D. by the School of History and Humanities at Trinity College, Dublin and is a lecturer in women’s / gender history at  UCD Women’s Studies. Her latest publications is We were there ; 77 women of the Easter Rising (co-writer with Liz Gillis) and Kerry 1916; Histories and Legacies of the Easter Rising. A Centenary Record (on which she is co-editor with Bridget McAuliffe and Owen O’Shea).

She has been very active on 1916 events and projects.  One of the most important was the ’77 women’  project at Richmond Barracks, which included a book, the Quilt project ( and a permanent exhibition in Richmond Barracks, part of which commemorates the contributions of the women of 1916.  The project at Richmond Barracks played a significant part in producing a real and ongoing emphasis on the lives, contributions and legacies of the women of 1916 during the 2016 centenary commemorations.  The Kerry 1916 book was important in shifting the focus of the 1916 history, from being Dublin centred to a more nuanced and broader narrative of the Rising. She was also the historical consultant on the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland (RCSI) 1916 commemorative exhibition and was on the advisory committee of the National Museum of Ireland 1916 Exhibition.

She is past President of the Women’s History Association of Ireland (WHAI) and is a committee member of the Irish Association of Professional Historians(IAPH).  She also sits on the National Archives Advisory Committee (NAAC).

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