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Pamela Newenham

Pamela Newenham

Co-Founder of GirlCrew 


Pamela Newenham is the co-founder of GirlCrew, a global community for women to make new friends, share advice, and network in a social and professional capacity. GirlCrew has more than 45,000 members across 47 cities worldwide, including Dublin, London, San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Brussels, Liverpool and Melbourne.

GirlCrew members make new friends through online group chat and offline events such as brunches, nights out, career events, cinema trips and even holidays abroad. The start-up was selected for Google’s Adopt a Start-up programme, and was an Irish winner of the EU Welcome Project Initiative.

Pamela is also a business journalist with The Irish Times, specialising in the areas of technology, start-ups, entrepreneurship and business. She was named Technology Reporter of Year 2014 in Ireland. She was editor of Silicon Docks: The Rise of Dublin as a Global Tech Hub, which was published in 2015. With a background in law, she founded Ireland’s first student television station while still an undergraduate at UCD.

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