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Arlene O'Neill

Arlene O'Neill

Assistant Professor in Physics & Director of Trinity Walton Club

 Arelene O'Neill

With a BSc in Applied Physics from Dublin City University and a PhD in Physics from Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Arlene O'Neill is now an Assistant Professor at the School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin. Arlene has 33 peer reviewed publications on nanoscience and co- authored research that was published in Science and Nature Materials.

Parallel to her academic career, Arlene has always actively engaged in science communication and education activities, suitable for a range of audiences. She is also an advocate for women in STEM and has developed and delivered many outreach activities that promote inclusivity and diversity.

She has also held various ambassadorial roles, from Dublin City of Science 2012 and Science Foundation Ireland's Smart Futures programme. In 2013, Arlene was featured as one of Silicon Republic's Top 100 Women in STEM in Ireland. In 2012, she was also shortlisted for the Institute of Physics Young Female Physicist of the Year award and was the Dublin Rose of Tralee.

More recently in 2014, she founded Trinity Walton Club, a university based teaching and learning innovation that supports second level students with their STEM education. To date, she has directly worked with over 400 second level students from across Ireland.  The programme strives to equip, empower and inspire future generations of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians through informal STEM education.

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